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Thread: Neopixel and CrystalFocus X

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    Default Neopixel and CrystalFocus X

    I have been absent from the forum for a long time, and have not constructed many sabers, but I wanted to get back into it and found a new world of technologies, quite frankly, overwhelming.
    So I find myself in need of advice from those more knowledgeable in electronics.
    I am trying to put together a Neopixel blade driven by a CrystalFocus X board. My concern is with the power draw, and what battery pack is the appropriate power source.
    If I understand correctly from reading about Li-ion batteries, there is an inverse relationship between the battery capacity (mAh) and the maximum safe power drawn from it. In other words, if I want to draw a lot of current (Amps), then I have to go to lower capacity batteries. My calculation of what a 288 pixels blade will draw puts me at about 4+ Amps, plus the power drawn by the board and the speaker. I have purchased Tim's Panasonic 7.4v Li-ion 3400mAh 18650 Battery Pack, but I am now questioning the wisdom of using this power pack with my setup, and wonder if I should go with the 1400mAh pack instead.

    Can any knowledgeable electronics expert help me with this, please?
    Thank you kindly.
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    Welcome back! Yeah, the hobby has changed quite a bit. Even in the time I've been active it has changed.

    CFX can run on 3.7v now without any hacks. You'll want to go with the high drain 15A cell. Those have been specifically stocked for pixel setups.
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    Most of the better batteries for neopixel have a 15A cutoff protection circuit. While most single color blades will draw between 5-9 amps, white blades and some combo color blades will draw 7-12 amps at max. FOC will also push the amps if your FOC is white. So, the TCSS Panasonic 15A cutoff batteries are sufficient for neopixels. Next, you also need to be concerned about the wires to carry that ampload. Wires feeding your neopixel connectors need to be sufficient to carry the amp load. Positive/Negative pixel feeds need to be double 26 or single 22 AWG imo to get the maximum pixies to your pixels. PTFE wire (which is thinner than standard wire) works well for me. I use 30 for speaker/accent feeds. But any power feeds from the battery, RCP, and switches needs to be significant enough to carry the full amp load. Good luck!

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    Thank you gents, your input has been quite valuable. It confirms my fears, and I will get the appropriate battery.
    Evey datasheet regarding 3400mAh Panasonic batteries I can find indicates that the maximum discharge rate should not exceed 2C (about 6.8A) regardless of the PCB cut off, and while this may work quite well for an in-hilt LED saber, it would not be fit for a neopixel blade. I will go with the high discharge (15A) cell instead.

    Thanks again!
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