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Thread: Forum Guidelines - All members please read

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    Default Forum Guidelines - All members please read

    As a whole, we like to keep this forum PG-rated. Basically, don't do or say anything you wouldn't want a 12 year old reading. We have had them reading the forums before. Here are some more in depth guidelines.

    Swearing - Creatively spelling words so that the filter will overlook them amounts to the same thing as using the word itself, and it demonstrates that the user:

    A) knows the word shouldn't be used on the forum AND
    B) doesn't care.

    Please care.

    Go ahead and use "comic strip" cursing if you like, by using random symbols like (*^&#%). But don't use them to represent the letters of a real curse word (using $ for s, # for h, etc). Using the word is using the word, no matter how much you |337 it.

    Flaming – Please try to keep flaming to a minimum. It does nothing but clog up the boards. If a flame war does start, chances are it will be deleted.

    Spamming – Don’t do it. Double posts will be merged. Threads that don’t really fit anywhere go into miscellaneous. Don’t post the same thread in multiple boards – duplicates will be deleted.
    Also, please do not reply to obvious SPAM posts. Just click the "Report" button (the triangle shaped button with the "!" at the bottom left of the post) and a Moderator will go and delete it.

    Galleries - There are two gallery sections on the forums. In the gallery board, all stickied threads are picture-post only. This means you only post in them if you have pictures of your saber. In the LED Colors/Blades board, only post in the "___ LED pics" threads if you have a picture of that blade color. All posts that don't have pictures in these areas will be deleted. Click the following link for more info on the galleries.

    Banned Items:
    Soliciting sales – Sales are not allowed on the forums! Tim does not condone any buying or selling, both publicly and via PMs. Remember, he CAN read all of your private messages. This includes linking to eBay for your own sales (without Tim's approval).
    Rickrolling (and other things like it) are pretty pointless and don’t contribute anything to any discussion.
    Screamers – are exactly like rick rolling.
    Role Playing - It is just annoying and is pointless.
    Politics - self explanatory
    Religion - Also self explanatory. Making a thread asking for good wishes/prayers is fine, but anything beyond that is a no no.
    PETA - Anything related to eating meat/animal cruelty.
    Drug Use - Anything related to using or procuring illicit drugs.

    Important Links:
    Thread Index
    New to the Saber Scene? Start Here
    Buck Puck saber tutorial
    Resistor saber tutorial
    Saber terminology dictionary

    PM a Moderator for clarification or questions about the forum guidelines.
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Additions made by forum members, not just the administration, are here. These should be followed, just like the above things. They are just written in a less 'rulebook' type format.

    - Read all the links in LDM's sig! Scroll down a bit and you'll find the same ones in my sig
    - Read for at least a month before joining!
    - Learn how to use the search feature before your first post!
    - Come with the mindset that most answers are available (they are) in previous posts.
    - Know that people here want to help, they don't want to spoon feed you.
    - Realize that the Forums are attached to a store! If you would like to have a certain item, contact Strydur after you search for it yourself.
    -Try to learn from some of the folks who have been here a lot longer than you. Look at their "Joined date" rather than their postcount. Go back through their threads and see what kinds of things they have tried. If you wonder if something has been thought about or done, it most likely has.
    - Experiment. This ain't a cheap hobby, no matter which way you slice it. Sometimes the best way to learn something is to try it yourself. What are your results? How can you change your experiment?
    - Learn Ohm's Law if you plan on doing any electronics for your lightsaber.
    - ALWAYS wear PPE while using power tools. What is PPE? Personal Protective Equipment! That can include gloves when soldering and cutting, and a face mask if cutting PVC.
    - Be a good member and contribute and learn.

    - Ask questions before googling and using the search feature!!
    - Give electronics (or any other) advice unless you know for a fact it will work!
    - Sit on your thumbs waiting for someone else to do the hard work for you. Try it yourself. Find your own diagrams. Do your own renderings. Don't be lazy.
    - Try selling on these forums. These are attached to Strydur's business, and it's really rude to try selling on his forums. This includes linking (publicly or via PM to outside competing sources. If you are not sure, ask a Moderator first.
    - Assume soldering is easy, or that safety goggles are pointless.
    - Leave your soldering iron plugged in and resting on anything other than it's stand!

    Thread Reviving (also known as Necroposting)
    It's going to be simple...

    IF... you come across an "older" thread (older meaning--maybe it's 2-6 months old or more)... and...

    IF... you find the information in that "older" thread useful...

    AND... you have something new/useful/helpful/on-topic (and YOU KNOW DARN WELL what "useful & on-topic" means) to contribute...

    THEN... it's OK TO POST.


    IF... you have nothing useful & on-topic to add...
    ... (and YOU KNOW DARN WELL what "useful & on-topic" means)


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