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Thread: Liberty (in Progress)

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    Default Liberty (in Progress)

    Liberty (in Progress)

    I was really hoping to have this done by today, but things have been really busy lately and while I brought some things to try to finish it up while on vacation, I really need my tools back home to finish it. I'll also re-do the brass eagle now that I have a better idea of how it fits.

    This is a TCSS hilt with custom etched brass eagle "shroud" painted to emulate the Statue of Liberty's torch. The grip and crystal chamber are meant to be evocative of the US flag with the crystal as the star(s).
    - TCSS MHS hilt
    - Etched Brass
    - Custom printed modular chassis printed on my home machine
    - DIYino w/ FX-SaberOS (coming soon, this the next evolution of LightsaberOS)
    - 10a 18650
    - TCSS 28mm bass speaker
    - TCSS/MHS style MSWS pixel blade adapter
    - Pixel ProtoBlade w/ MSWS v2 blade adapter
    - RGB ProtoBlade w/ RGB LED and integral heatsink
    -Vanilla Lyte, Vanilla Dark, Vanilla Swirl: FX-SaberOS exclusive fonts by Darth PJs
    -Flames of Liberty: FX-SaberOS font by me preview
    Some progress shots:

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    I was waiting for someone to do this.

    I want to make a Canadian version with red and FOC white.
    Custom O'Canada sound font, and some "Eh" and "aboot" for clash or blaster sounds.

    Hopefully you can program a neopixel blade to make a flag pattern on long exposure photo's!

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    When I find the time and energy I'll work on "fireworks" but this will light up as a flaming blade.

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    Interesting concept
    "But you are mistaken. I am no Jedi"

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    Thanks! It one of those that I had an idea for and it demanded to be made.

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    I like this one JB. You've really nailed the concept, especially the stripes emulating the look of a 'flying flag'. Kinda reminds me of Eastern 57's themed Sabers. .
    Can't wait to this lit up like a flaming torch.

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    This is great! Love the Lady Liberty color too - nice touch!

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    Wow, amazing work on the Eagle! How did you get the cuts so close to the etchings?
    And the emitter -- especially in that color -- does look like Liberty's torch.
    Great job.

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    Very cool.

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    Thanks guys.

    For the etchings I cut vinyl then applied the whole thing to the brass and picked it out from there. I used the vinyl as a paint mask, because I didn't trust it at that level of detail. I drilled a few dozen holes, made some cuts with tin snips to break it loose, then got to work with a sanding drum, bench grinder mostly, and tight areas with files. I darkened the etching then went over it with a wire brush.


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