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Thread: Why No Localized Flash on Clash?

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    Default Why No Localized Flash on Clash?

    I notice that we don't have a flash on clash that occurs only around the area of impact, which is how it appears in movies. Considering we have blaster bolt deflection on string blades I know we can have different colors simultaneously. It wouldn't be automatic unless we had something to calculate where the point of impact would have been, which considering how advanced motion detection is, I don't see as being an issue with clever programming. Even if it was, having a button that did it would still be neat. Anyone know about any developments of this type of tech?

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    With Neopixel, I believe something like it is possible, though you would have to know where the impact is in advance, to program it into the board.
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    There are several technologies that one could use to get a best guess for contact area. The reliability of such a system, especially given that it would need to be hidden behind LEDs, is some what dubious. I have personally looked into a few options and the cost/benefit did not add up to worthwhile. In play are flex sensors, impact sensors, and a few types of variable resistors. Some will take more processing power than others. It may be something I might later if I find myself with time and money to invest in it, or maybe another open source developer looking for an interesting problem to tackle.
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