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Thread: Starwinder's PRIZM saber "Cadence" (pic heavy)

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    Default Starwinder's PRIZM saber "Cadence" (pic heavy)

    Hey all,

    This is my first PRIZM saber, and the design is one I've wanted to do for quite awhile now. It's a dual-shroud saber that owes its influence to several notable sabers in this community, including (in no particular order):

    Acerocket/Orbital Machining's Alliance
    Vader's Vault's Aggressive Negotiations family
    LDM's Auretus
    GCS/Madcow's Nuevo Graflex

    I wanted this to be a humble homage to those inspirations while still making it uniquely my own. The 4" grooved section has Grip Style 2 on every other 'panel'. The double male adapter has been machined down slightly to give it some depth. In lieu of powdercoating, I spray painted the BH myself. Big props and thanks to Tim and his team for doing the shroud and getting it exactly how I envisioned it.


    - All MHS parts
    - custom MHS sleeve shroud
    - Grip Style 2 cutouts and strips
    - Plecter Labs PRIZM 3.5 with the following soundfonts
    + Revolt by LordBlako (with some R2-D2 addon sounds)
    + Bespin II by Madcow
    + Kamino by Nightstorm
    - 3.7v Li-ion 2600mAh 18650 rechargeable battery
    - Switchcraft 2.1mm recharge port
    - short blue ring AV switch
    - Tri-Cree RGrB LED
    - 2w 28mm bass speaker
    (special thanks to Darkside Engineering for the ARKM blade plug and Darth Ryo for the 3D printed PRIZM chassis)


    Sorry for the pic quality. That white blade is supposed to be yellow!

    I'm planning on this being my Episode VII premier saber. It will also probably be my last build for awhile with some Darth Real Life expenses coming around the corner

    Thanks for looking!

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    Nice work.
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    Agreed, nice clean lines, very professional looking job there. Strong work!

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    Real nice job on the shroud, the lines are clean and straight.

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    Very nice. Just a little color to break it up, but not too much. A fine saber to be proud of.
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    This looks awesome!
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    I like the aggressive negotiations style shroud.

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    That is awesome. Excellent work Starwinder, I like the grip on the grooved section and the shroud looks perfect. That blade plug looks cool (I want)
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    Cool. I like the v-shaped emitter.


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