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    Hello! Second build - first neopixel build! My first one was just a month ago and it was a Tri-Cree with a NBV4 and it went very smoothly - although the speaker blew out after a few days. Not sure if that was my fault when cramming it into the holder but I'll buy a replacement and hopefully be good there.

    My neopixel saber wishlist is here:
    The neopixel blade I am planning to buy completed since I don't see much of a cost difference between building or buying. I see them for sale with the data resistor blade side so I don't think I need to worry about that.

    One of my biggest questions/concerns is the battery. The CFX board says "One or two cell, 3.7v or 7.4v" but I've read that a 7.4v battery is too high for neopixel and could cause the leds to fail? Does the CFX board handle the voltage to the blade or do I need another resistor somewhere? Basically I've read that the neopixel wants 5v but cfx wants 7.4 and I'm not sure how to resolve the two. My only options seem to be an underpowered 3.7 or an overpowered 7.4. I haven't had much luck finding this specific answer in the forums or google.

    Any and all help is appreciated!

    Also I know I only have one switch but the latest CFX seems to support single switch now. I am open to feedback on if people think it is more convenient to have a second switch anyway, I am mostly worried about fitting everything into the hilt unless I need to buy a choke or extension or something.

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    The 3.7v is not underpowered, it is the correct battery. You need to use the 15A version. Pixels neither need nor want 5v, in actuality their ideal voltage is actually around 3.7-4v.

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    Just realized I had the wrong speaker mount in the wishlist. I substituted it for the one that works with the threaded rods. Also added 24awg wire - I have additional wire already just want to make sure I have enough in case I make mistakes.

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    Perfect, thank you very much for confirming that!

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