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Thread: CFv7 Single Batt Install Experiences

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    Question CFv7 Single Batt Install Experiences

    Those of you that have gone the single battery "hack" route with a Crystal Focus Board:

    What was your experience?

    Good? Bad?

    Was the lower volume from not being able to run the sound amp at full power (overly) noticeable?

    Did the resulting 5V limit on the board hinder your build in any way?

    Have you had any issues with the build after the fact?

    The wording in the manual for the CFv7 seems a bit ambiguous... Were you still able to wire a Color Extender?

    Thanks in advance!


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    The sound drop isnít that noticeable, but your mileage may vary. Itís been fine for me.

    i havenít had any issues after the fact, but then again, I know what Iím doing when building sabers, so I donít encounter any issues once I finish an install.

    No, you donít use a Color Extended if you do the 3.7V hack.
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