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    Hey all,

    I really like the idea of the Modular Wiring System, as I used to try to do that on my own back in the day with quick connects. However, Im a bit confused as to how its all supposed to wire together.

    For instance, Ideally, I would like to have a setup with a MWS Tri-Cree LED, Li-On Battery, momentary switch(no light), and the momentary to latching converter. Ive drawn up a little schematic, and I was hoping someone could give me a hand with how the LED and Resistor connect to it all. Also, since there is no MWS Resistor, I figured I would need to splice one into a JST cable, is that correct?

    If someone could draw some connector lines on mine, (or draw a new schematic, if im totally off) I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks all.
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    Most of the advanced builders that would normally answer questions do not use this system, so research is necessary to understand the components you are using. Not everyone has the time to do that.

    I'm not sure where your confusion lies, but I'm guess it relates to having two leads coming off the LED which would normally be main and flash and clash.
    If you are making a stunt (no sound board) saber with just a latching converter then you do not have flash on clash and you need to wire them together. I don't believe there is a MWS with 3 LEDs of the same color in the shop, so this is probably not what you want anyway.

    As for the resistor, you could just splice it in to one of the other wires or you could do as you have illustrated.

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    Jbjuma summed it up pretty good.. The LED module you are showing is for a FOC setup which you cannot have with a basic stunt setup. For what you are showing it would probably be best to just use a single LED module.
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    You can use a tri cree LED for a stunt but you will have to wire your own LED module and use a resistor for each single LED. If you can make your own MWS LED module with resistors you can then plug it in to the rest of the MWS components

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    Ah ok, the FOC was the confusion. I think I understand now. Thanks all.
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