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Thread: Northwind - a Viking inspired saber

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    Default Northwind - a Viking inspired saber

    Hi all.
    Today I present Northwind. I've really been wanting to do something like this for awhile.
    As you can see there's extensive etching, which I guess is becoming a theme with my sabers.
    I went with gold and green, and weathered aluminum of course.
    The feature I'm most excited about though, is a studded leather grip. There's a length of shroud material there, and the ( genuine ) leather is stretched over it, and bolted into the hilt.

    The specs:
    MHS parts
    PRIZM 4.0
    tri-cree R,G,Rb
    TCSS power level indicator
    custom saltwater etching thoughout, washed in with green and weathered, with gold accents here and there
    16mm white ring AV switch, black aux switch
    recharge port
    bass speaker

    Here goes, thank you for looking!

    Thanks again for looking.

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    Oh man! That etching is fantastic, as is the weathering. A very nice looking saber sir.

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    Very pretty etching.

    From Wikipedia: "Internet Explorer slows down GIFs if the framerate is 20 frames per second or higher and Microsoft reports that Google Chrome and Safari also slow down some GIF animations."

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    Awesome work and very interesting theme!

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    Great job capturing the Viking vibe! That pommel is the perfect choice.

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    Great Job! It looks very cool.

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    Fantastic etching and weathering.

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    really good job on the weathering and etching,how did you get that green color on the etched parts?Definitely fits with the viking theme

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    A couple of washes with green acrylic paint, cleaning off the excess.
    After that, weathering with aluminum black took it down a bit more.


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