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Thread: Where to store blades

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    pocket on robe for me... best way i've found of doing it, and it adds weight to the front of the robe so the back billows out with awesome effect when walking

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    I know this is old, but I'm curious could somebody take a picture of what this would look like? I can't picture it and I've been curious myself about what I'll do about this when costume time comes.

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    Yes, I know I'm necro-posting...

    When I was a kid, I lived in a very rural community. The State of Arizona paid various individuals / troupes to bring us "cultural experiences," and my introduction to Shakespeare came that way. A traveling company came and performed The Midsummer Night's Dream for us. The actor playing Oberon had a full-circle cloak with dowels in the leading edges of the opening. He could use the dowels to make very dramatic gestures with the cloak, and that stuck with me for many years.

    When I made my own Jedi robe, I put a pocket along each side of the opening, and put dowels in the pocket. It occurs to me that these pockets could just as easily hold saber blades.

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    On the "dust cap" line, I just glue a bit of clear gift wrap (same that I use to diffuse the blade) to the end of the blade for a "permanent" dust cap. Glue on a square, then trim it down after the glue sets, and it doesn't need to be perfect.

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    For my dust caps, I have made a tiny hole in the centre and made a loop come out of the hole. Then connected my Alan key to the loop that I use for removing/inserting the blade with the blade retension screw. As for the blade I made a sheath out of material and a strap on it. I then insert the blade (with the dust cap on) and wear it under the robe like wearing a bow quiver.


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