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    I am going to start soon on a saber I have wanted to do since I saw tron legacy. I have the basic designs done(with some rough edges to polish).

    I even included a tron T on the bottom. I going to use some black metal mess to better distingush the T. There is a ring around the T which I will try and make it pop more when its all done.

    For the coloring im going to try and get as close as I can to the movie props.


    Internal wise im not for sure yet on what color LED im going to use (im leaning towards white). Im going to use a PC 2.0 for sound with the 2w bass speaker. Have to triple check for clearance issues but im planning to use two illuminated switches (one latching for ignition and a momentary one for lockup sounds and blaster deflect) that will be the same or close to the color of the LED I chose. Im going to have two accent LEDs in the middle with the recharge port in between them. Space is REALLY, REALLY limited because I don't have long enough tooling to mill the guts out of the sections of the hilt. For the most part they will just be bored out as much as possible on a cnc lathe.

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    Holy bananas its been 8 years since I last got a chance to work on this saber. Life REALLY happened. After finally getting some time to finish the over all design I was able to get the hilt pieces machined at a local shop. They need some gentle massaging, but they look way better than I had expected. I plan on finishing this dang thing completely this time and not letting it sit for 8 YEARS. Unfortunately most of my sound components have been used in other builds. I'll have to start from scratch. Originally I was planning on using a white LED but that LED got used as well. I have a royal blue rebel from long ago that never got used. I think I might have a PC v3 somewhere in my stash of stuff. If I can find it I'll use it until I can get my hands on something a bit better. I'm more than likely just going to weather it instead of just go with similar colors as the prop form movie.

    "Anyway, she's not my type. Too abrasive. And I don't like redheads." Luke at the end of Shadow of Mindor

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