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Thread: Anatim and Saberproject standing by

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    Default Anatim and Saberproject standing by

    Hello to everyone!

    My name is Tim and Iam the administrator of, the biggest german page about lightsabers.

    Iam reading in these Forums for 3 years and finally registered to it today

    I have two CFSC-driven sabers:
    Customized Anakin ROTS V4.0
    ANH Graflex V2.5->v4.01 Firmware

    Additionally I own five MR sabers:
    Anakin AOTC
    Anakin ROTS - red Luxeon conversion
    Obi-Wan ROTS - blue P4 conversion
    "Jedi Joe" Construction Set
    Vader ANH 2003

    Iam looking forward to new Hasbro sabers and a MHS-Part saber.
    Also Iam waiting for a Starkiller Saber, made by machinedFX over at Rebelscum.

    Just take a look at and our YouTube-Channel


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    Welcome to your addiction Tim.
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    Who could really go as far even to decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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    Wow, good stuff, Anatim! Welcome!

    You're obviously no stranger to the forums here, so pull up a seat and enjoy!

    Did you customize your two CF sabers yourself?

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    Yes, both sabers are modified by me.
    Iam using the old Graflexshop blade holder and the Anakin got a new Activationbox and a new blade holder (pics here)

    Thanks for the seat

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    Great looking Anakin CFv4!

    Welcome to the [registered part] of the Forums!

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    Welcome! I've seen you at FX Sabers for a long time. I'm glad you finally joined here.
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    Welcome! It is good to have you as an official member finally!
    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:1. LDM's Basic Saber-build Step-by-Step Tutorial 1A. Maul's Saber Dictionary 1B. THREAD INDEX 1C. Econo Sound Diagrams
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