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Thread: n00b! So you want to build a MHS saber huh?

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    Thanks for the excellent post! I bought some TCSS parts from JQ Sabers here in the UK for a very basic stunt saber. I started out with a buck puck and 2 x TrustFires then I swapped over to a resistor + a single Panasonic 18650B when that ran too hot and the batteries drained too quickly for me (1.5 hours). I'm looking for serious endurance for costume trooping whilst I spin and freestyle duel. Here's a photo. I'm not a huge fan of the colour (cyan) but this is just a test build. I'm using JST connectors on the LED module so it can be easily swapped out for other colours.

    TCSS cyan stunt build.jpg

    Next step is to start playing with sound, extend to a staff saber, weather, add more detail etc. Thanks again!

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    Yay for us Noobs

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    I have updated this to coincide with the products currently in the store. Enjoy.
    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:1. LDM's Basic Saber-build Step-by-Step Tutorial 1A. Maul's Saber Dictionary 1B. THREAD INDEX 1C. Econo Sound Diagrams
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Dottore Matto View Post
    I have updated this to coincide with the products currently in the store. Enjoy.
    Very long time, no see....
    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:
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    2. FJK’s “Down and Dirty” guide to Ohm’s Law

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