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Thread: Neopixel no data continuity?

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    Default Neopixel no data continuity?

    I've been trying to figure out why my neopixel blade won't turn on.

    I checked all of the connections several times, voltage reads 7v at the hilt side pins. The speaker, both switches, and kill switch work correctly. I changed the config file to 132 (the amount of LEDs one side has).

    On the blade side, I get tone when I touch the white solder point and the middle ring, the red solder point tones when touching the outer rings, and the data line tones at the middle point.
    I also get tone from the solder point to each pad on the strip on the red and white points. However, there is no tone from the data solder joint to any of the pads on either side. I'm assuming this is the problem, and I'll need to get new strips?
    If you have any other ideas that would be great.

    wiring diagram -

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    What kind of battery are you using?
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    7.4v...... Someone on the discord said that was a nono. Going to get a 3.4v and a new strip.

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    correction, I said 3.7v

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    Quote Originally Posted by RavenXp View Post
    correction, I said 3.7v
    Aye 3.7v
    Thanks again!


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