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Thread: Hello. New here, first post.

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    Default Hello. New here, first post.

    As the subject says, I'm new and this is my first post. I was forwarded here because I'm looking into bringing new life to an old saber I bought years ago. I have an old ParkSabers Fusion that the ElectroLuminescent blade gave out about five or six years ago. It lasted almost 15 years, so I guess I got a good one because it was only guaranteed for about 10.

    I'm looking into what is necessary to replace parts to keep it as a decent stunt saber that can also do sound as I tried contacting ParkSabers back when the blade started giving out but never got a response.

    I'm seeing posts on this forum that state how difficult it is to upgrade/modify these and I'm just hoping for tips/advice. Thank you for your time.

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    Hi. You will have to post pics of the saber. The last time I saw examined some of his hilts was about 5-ish years ago. The main problem is that the hilts have a fairly small inner diameter and they won’t be easy to cram electronics into. Also stunts and sound sabers are two entirely different things.
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