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Thread: New Golden Harvest Intstall. Boots, but will not power on. Looking for assistance!

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    Default New Golden Harvest Intstall. Boots, but will not power on. Looking for assistance!

    Greetings everyone. I have built several sabers over the years. Back in November I was asked to quickly make a simple saber for a nephew. Up until this point I had built sabers with the Nano Biscotte sound board. At the time I orders parts, it wasn't availble, so I purchased a Golden Harvest. My intent was to use it to upgrade my personal saber, and give my older NB set up to the nephew. So I successfully got that saber build done for xmas. Fast forward to yesterday and I finally got around to wiring up the Golden Harvest into my saber. I read the manual and wired up everything for an RGB LED with a single momentary switch. I found soldering to the Golden Harvest much easier to do with its larger soldering pads. When I was all done I connected my battery and greeted by the boot up sound.

    Great! Everything went smoothly.... except maybe not. When I depress the momentary switch the power on the saber I get nothing. Checked the wiring, and the switch. All look good. Switch checked with meter. I had another tactile momentary switch that I swapped out just to be sure. Same thing. I was curious to see if using two momentary switches would yield anything. I went into the text file on the SD and changed the settings two 2 switches, and wired both to the board. Now it boots as before. The main power on switch still does nothing. The aux switch will turn on the sound menu and I can hear the voice and the humming. When the battery (fully charged) is first connected to the board without the SD card I get RGB LED flashing. So, things work. I get Light, I get sound, it just won't power on. I did some troubleshooting with the power connected and with a meter I am finding that I get 2.5V between the Pwr switch pad and GND. The AUX switch is giving me around 3.17V. Are they both supposed to be outputing 3.17V, or are my measurements what should be expected? Thinking that perhaps the switch pad location was defective or something I swapped the switch lead to the round pad on the opposite side of the board (SD card side). I still have the same problem - the main power switch will not activate the saber. I have attached a photo of my board setup. (The white tape on the LED wires were to identify the colors so I would wire them properly.) This is the first time I have ever encountered a strange thing as this, and I believe this is my first post. I am hoping someone can give me some clues or some other areas I can check etc.switch.jpgGHv3_front.jpgGHv3_back.jpg

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    The one issue I see off the bat is the tall tactile switch seems to be wired wrong. Both wires need to be on one side of the switch as I recall.
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