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Thread: Updating Soundboard Firmware?

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    Default Updating Soundboard Firmware?

    Ok, so I apologize if this seems like a boneheaded question...but how do you update the firmware on a soundboard?

    I ask because I have a recent thread discussing my CF9 having problems of erratic behavior, and in a linked thread it suggests a recent firmware update addresses this very issue. Awesome - Iíll just go look up the process for doing so.



    I canít find anywhere that actually addresses how updating the soundboard firmware is done. I looked in the Table of Contents of the CF9 manual, and saw no mention of it, or anything that was obviously related to it.

    Ok, Iíll just search the forums: No mention of how itís done...but several instances of people saying theyíve done it, or suggesting other people do it.

    Maybe Iíll check the Plecter Labs website and see if there is anything obvious: Well, if there is, Iím not seeing it...


    Is this a process that requires R.I.C.E.? I donít have a RICE port, but I do have access to a Bluetooth chip I havenít tried yet. Thus far Iíve only looked at the SD card by inserting it directly into my laptop. But - isnít firmware located on the sound card itself (not the SD card)?

    Again, I apologize for asking what maybe is a simple question....but I canít find anything about how to actually update firmware...only instances of people taking about doing so.

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    Firmware updates are for the CFX. Someone may have mentioned it not realizing you had an older CFv9. Those you couldn’t update the firmware yourself.
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    Still no clue why my sound board is messed up, then. Nor any idea for a solution.

    Thanks for the response, though...
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    What is your issue with the board? There's plenty of people here that have experience with that board that may be able to help.

    EDIT: Never mind, saw your other topic. Carry on.

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