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Thread: Wiring (and maybe part) check for upgrading saberstaff

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    Default Wiring (and maybe part) check for upgrading saberstaff

    Hey everyone,
    Lately I've been toying around with the idea of upgrading my first saber, a stunt saberstaff, to have sound and color changing abilities.
    And with this current sale i think i'm going to start on that process.

    So biggest hurtle is the wiring of everything. I didnt particularly want to do two sound cards for each half, just wanted one with (hopefully) a beefy battery.
    So plan is to use a CFX, with 2 tricrees (RGrB), powered by an 18650 3.7v 15A 3120mAh battery. The battery is the one thing I'm dubious about as those werent in the store when I built my last saber, my basic understanding of them is they are mostly for the NeoPixels, but figured it might work in this case with 2 Tri-crees.

    anyway heres the wiring diagram:
    saber 1.5 wiring.jpg
    Imgur link :

    R1 is resistor for the Red LEDs and I have it to be 1.8ohms (1W)
    R2 is for the royal Blue LEDs and it is 1ohm (1W)
    and R3 is the Green LEDs and it is 1ohm (1W)
    The plan was to have each corresponding color in parallel so I only needed 3 resistors and not 6. and im hoping this doesnt impact the brightness too much..

    switches will just be normal momentary switches, no LEDs on those. And I dont have accent LEDs on the diagram as I am pretty confident with that part should I decide to make a pseudo CC.

    Anything here that I completely messed up on, or overlooked, wrongly assumed, etc etc?

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    So im just going to guess the lack of comments means my wiring setup will work? and nothings going to explode on me when I go to test this out in the next couple weeks lol? (I am mildly worried about that to be quite honest... never dealt with these 15A batteries so i dont want to fry my boards or LEDs....)

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    It should work, though I would resistor each LED individually.
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    Lack of response is due to the forums going pretty quite overall in the last 2 years or so.

    I haven’t done a setup like this so haven’t really checked the manual. The battery can deliver 15A when the a load demands so if that’s you’re only worry then you’re good. Can a cfx work with two Tri Cree? No idea as I said.
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    Ok yes I see now the LED resistor calc I was using did in fact show/tell me to wire individually, my bad. Got those resistors ordered again, had to also buy another switch as my dumb tired self didnt realize I ordered a 16mm AV switch instead of a 12mm AV switch until I opened the box lol

    And ok cool thats what I was hoping thats what the battery designation meant, been awhile since I took an electronics course.
    And I thought it could run two since even in the manual when its talking about the Trident feature for crossguards it shows 3, with a single color and FoC, but all wired similar to what I imagined for my case... I could be wrong though, I dont see anywhere where it says it cant run 2 tri-crees, but I dont see anywhere where it can either...this thing has so many features on it I wouldnt be surprised if it could wash the dishes lol


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