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Thread: Which do you prefer? sound module~

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    Default Which do you prefer? sound module~

    Hey all, I'm doing some shopping for my next saber and I'm getting lost in all the details, so I'm reaching out for some advice.
    Which do you prefer?
    Prizm Sound Module V5.1 OR Emerald Sabre(Ultrasaber)
    I should like to have the benefit of your advice.

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    I only have experience with plecter boards, but I find them pretty versatile when making a saber.
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    I have used neither yet, however I will be soldering a nano biscotti for my saber. I would suggest to go with a plecter board, as with plecter lab boards they're cheaper for having at least as good features, and I have heard quite a few negative reviews of ultrasabers. Those are my two cents.

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    Prism is pretty awesome and durable.

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    oH~thank you very much

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    I've used a variety of Plecter boards over the years - Nano Biscotte, PRIZM, Petit Crouton (phased out), and Crystal Focus - they are all awesome and allow for a great deal of customization. I highly recommend any of them.

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    Out of the Pico Crumble, Nano and Prizm, i like the Nano best.

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    Thanks very much for your advice!


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