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Thread: Zip NB V3 to battery?

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    Lightbulb Zip NB V3 to battery?

    First build...daunting but such is the nature of one's first saber.
    Read a ton here, wired correctly and it works great!
    Now we stuff.
    Due to limited space is it acceptable/safe to zip tie my sound board (NB V3) to the battery (18650 Li)? Was also going to place thin foam between and around the two (the inside of saber has a plastic sleeve to avoid shorts as well.
    Thought about shrink wrapping the two but I would lose access to SD card. I need guidance from more seasoned builders...
    Thanks for any help, this has been almost a ten months process, feel like i'm having an overdue baby, lol.

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    I can't speak to zip tying, but a tried and true method of securing the board and battery together is using double-sided foam tape. With that, you're still able to remove the two from each other if you really have to, but otherwise they will stay firmly in place.

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    Zip ties are fine. You can also get Velcro ties that are more easily removed.

    I personally use the double-sided foam tape in my sabers, but the other two methods are perfectly acceptable.
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    Thanks fellas, with any luck my saber will be done tonight!

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