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Thread: Crystal Focus 8 Sound Bank Issue

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    Default Crystal Focus 8 Sound Bank Issue

    So I have completed my Saber with a Crystal Focus 8. When I attempt to change my sound font, it plays the beep noise, then just makes a sound that sounds like a "deactivation" sound or "off" sound. Out of 1 of 10 attempts I again pressed the aux switch twice and i was able to get into the sound bank. Although it worked, it takes me many tries to get to the sound bank using that way. Even when I press it twice within 3 seconds it stay with the same sound font. HELP PLEASE!!!
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    While the saber is "off", try pressing the aux button for a couple of seconds, it should move you to the next bank. Now, whether you have a boot sound to tell you that you're there is another story.
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    If you go into the override file and find the command valsnd and change it to 0 (from 1) it makes cycling through the fonts easier. Check out pages 32 & 33 in the manual. Also, if you have changed the fonts, it's always a good first place to start to reload the default sounds on the SD card and see if everything works. Don't forget to format the SD card before loading new sounds again. If you do format and load the defaults, you'll need to change the valsnd to 0 again. Thanks!


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