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Thread: PVC saber first build.

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    Thanks. Yeah there was a little gap between the shroud and the main hilt. I forgot to do it before I painted the shroud of course, but I just took my dremel with a cutting disk and then sanded the part that goes all the way around the main hilt a little bit until it fit snug, then threw a little jb weld on there. Ill just have to touch up the paint there on that spot.


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    Question about resistors. The LED resistor calculator in the store there does not have my LED listed. I'm using the Blue Rebel star and the 4aa battery pack. Am I missing something? Is there another calculator somewhere?

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    You could always do the math yourself.
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    That's what I needed, thank you
    Looks like I need a 2.7ohm 3 watt resistor.
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