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Thread: Video: Choosing the right switch and switch hole

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    Default Video: Choosing the right switch and switch hole

    All the TCSS switches and their corresponding holes explained!

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    Ok I have a question. I have a hilt body with a drilled hole for the 16 mm anti vandal. I watched the video on how to build a basic saber with sound and that is really great. I was wondering if I could still follow the directions for the video but use a 16mm vandal switch or do I need different electronics to make that work? i would have to rework some wiring because the vandal switch has a led in it?

    Thank you!

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    You could still follow the directions, however, you would need to do some extra wiring to get the LED to light up depending on what setup you have.
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    In this video at the 5:03 mark or so, it seems to show a 16mm Anti Vandal Short Momentary Switch being paired with a Bezel for illuminated switches. However, the web site says the two don't work together because there's no room for the nut. So my question is, can these two items go together?

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    As long as the short switch is illuminated, yes, the two parts will work just fine, I've used them myself several times over the last few years. What will not work are the two non-illuminated switches.

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