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Thread: Need help choosing a battery

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    Default Need help choosing a battery

    Sorry if this is the wrong section.

    But I have a quick question about batteries to power a luxeon tri-rebel running a petit crouton. I have enough room for a battery with a length of about 4" so I would be able to use a 18500 stick battery but would be very tight when wiring everything. My question is would a 14650 side by side battery with 1050 mah be enough to power the tri-rebel? The led is going to be run with one die for f.o.c and the other 2 dices are going to be run in parallel. Not sure if it matters but I will be using a color extender to hopefully achieve a purple blade.

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    I think you will have a short run time.
    blue die will use about 1000mA
    red die will use about 700MA

    So you're looking at 1050mA(hours)/1700mA=0.61 hours or ~37 minutes of blade time.
    That does not include how much the sound or FoC will use.

    somone please check my math.

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    As Sevinzol said, yes, you can use a 14650 pack, but the run time will be about 30 minutes or so.
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    thank you guys for the input i appreciate it


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