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Thread: Lightsaber Cane Jamie Snell

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    Default Lightsaber Cane Jamie Snell

    OK its time for another Sidd's Saber Customs Original.

    I was approached by artist Jamie Snell to build a Lightsaber cane as he recently had hip surgery and wanted a Star Wars themed cane for when he is at conventions and such.

    The design is pretty straight forward, the only real challenge was the pommel part which Saber Concepts machined for me.

    The cane itself is MHS parts with a Seoul P4 lighting the solid Lucite shaft.

    the Lucite cane was bought at

    What do you guys think?
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    Solid? I pity the fool that might be on the receiving end of that. Looks good.

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    Looks great Sidd. Very nice Saber Cane. Hey, those pommels look familiar. lol

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    That rear grip section is pretty awesome.

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    Oddly enough as heavy as it is, I can spin it pretty easily cause that massive pommel offsets the solid "blade"

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    Realy like that, will have to get me one when I hit the age of needing one.
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    Sorry tim
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    Wow, I want one, sure beats the cane I am using at present. I might think about doing my own. It would certainly make for safe walking at night (no street lights round here).
    Did you get the solid 1" blade from Tim? Love that really sturdy pommel.
    Is there a mirror in that rubber end?
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    Glad to see someone do another Cane saber. It is a great feeling to make something to be used by one who needs it right? Good Job. BTW, the blade can be a heavy dueling blade with diffuser and it is plenty rigid.
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    Cool...a curved hilt would have worked nice for a cane too. Funny that I've always seen canes as potential weapons. Must be all those old kung-fu Having it lit people would be more aware of you and you could see where you step better. "Brilliant"


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