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Crystal Chamber & Saber Interior

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So, today I decided to start work on the interior of my saber. There will have to be some adjustments, as I don't have my MHS saber parts yet, and have no idea exactly what the interior diameter will be on each of the parts. I consider this to be a trial run anyway, and I'm looking for suggestions and comments.

The LED is supposed to be green, but the way I have it wired, it's running off 4AAA's at 1.2V each (4.8V total) and with a 100 ohm resistor, it isn't bright enough to be visible with the camera flash on. So I removed the resistor, and the LED looks more yellow than green... So, if you can help with that, thanks in advance!

Otherwise, I know I have a lot of work to do, but like I said, it's a trial version... Also, the crystal that is in it won't be the crystal that will be in the finished version. The one in these images is an acrylic gem thingy... It's too big diameter-wise...

Anyways, comments and crits are welcome!

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  1. cardcollector's Avatar
    Colors tend to be more warm the more you overdrive them... hence the yellow.