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  1. PVC Rahm Kota Pt. II

    So, I'm hoping I can get some help here, but since no one has seen my first blog post (or at least commented on it) I may have to post this into the Forums...

    Anyway I am including a link to the Mace Windu board I am using in this saber. It has a tactile switch spot on the board and I can't figure out how to wire this switch to a momentary switch.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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  2. PVC Rahm Kota

    I decided to put together a Rahm Kota saber at a cheap cost. It'll be a variant. Somewhere between the one Rahm Kota had and what it became when Galen Marek used it... I'm using the one from the 'net I found as inspiration. It's made of 1" PVC for the main body, with an endcap and a coupling. The blade holder is also 1" pvc with a 3/4" grey PVC lathe-turned to fit inside. all the parts are lathed down in my wood lathe except the main body.

    The electronics are from ...

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