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Thread: LUX REBEL STAR vs. SEOUL P4 LED on MR/Cheap Hasbro boards

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    Question LUX REBEL STAR vs. SEOUL P4 LED on MR/Cheap Hasbro boards

    Hey I just saw a comment on youtube in which Xwing-Saber-Smith told a guy to use a Rebel Star instead of a Seoul P4 or Lux III LED in his saber with a MR soundboard setup, because it has almost the same electricity needs as a P4 or Lux III and is significantly brighter. He said even comparable to a Lux V...

    Is that true? If so why would anyone use a Lux III or a P4, in a MR SB setup anymore?

    I really searched my way through the forum threads and the only thing I found was this LED Brightness Chart -->

    It seems like the rebel really is the best choice for lower Soundboards like MR or cheapy eco boards, because it is only second to the tripple lux that has to high electricity needs...

    I am really concerned if I should use the rebel star instead of a P4 in my upcoming anakin rots conversion...

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thanks in advance!


    EDIT: I just saw the different lumens... I mean for a blue blade. The higher the lumens the brighter the blade right? So for blue the rebel is second with 48 lm. For a green blade the P4 182 lm is brighter than the Rebel which has 145 lm or am I wrong cuz the rebel is on place 2 and the P4 only on place 4 ... I am so confused right now ^^
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    what the lumen coun means is simply the amount of light the LED emits. some colors are dimmer than others however, because of their wavelength. (the lightwaves visible to the human eye.)

    Some LED's are more efficient than others, giving more Lumens at lower ma. I generally don't use Lux III's any more becase Rebels and the p4's are more efficent. what LED you use all depends on your unique building situation. Voltage, current, soundboard, etc.

    In reality, you are never going to drive a LED at the perfect setting, and your eye isn't going to be able to tell the difference between a few Lumens...

    Since you are focused on Blue... here are the available LED's and their Lumen out put...
    Here is a spreadsheet I made up with all the available LED's...
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    What is the 'ma' after the lumen range?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see what you did, there. You put the lumens at what 'recommended' current output is given.

    I use a Blue Rebel and I love how bright it is for being a blue blade.
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    I did a full comparison test last year in December when the Rebel Star Singles came out between a blue low-bin Rebel Star and a Seoul P4. Results were posted here:

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    Damn what nice thread jay gon!!!

    Its so ridiculous that you always come up with so nice answers, just perfect!!!

    Thanks alot!

    After reading the thread I guess a P4 for blue, for green a P4 or a Rebel would be best choice right? But what about red? (All with MR setup)

    What do you use for these tree standard colors?

    best regards


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    for red, you would most likely be better off with a P4. I have a red rebel here, but no extra heatsinks to mount it to for testing.

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    If someone can post the links for a places that sell the LEDs in the US that would be great thanks. Trying to fix Vader force action saber for my nephew. Thanks.

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    You can probably use the Rebel or Cree single red LEDs that are sold in the store attached to this forum.
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