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Thread: TCSS version of saberbuilder

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    1_ I would like to know if any improvements are planned for the Builder, or at least an update of the parts available through it?

    I'm wandering how could look some missing pommels (the style 4 for instance), or the trim rings... Also, because I'm not used with internal components: various battery packs, sound boards, buttons... Yeah, I know: a lot of new stuff...

    2_ If no plans are made, I may be involved in a rework of this app... But in this last case, I should know what is really usefull for you saber builders because as a noob in saber crafting, I'm only interrested in knowing what part plugs into one another and the general look of the final saber... (for instance: are rotation and painting and interior viewing are important?)

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    1.) Parts are updated when the owner of the site has time/can do it.
    It mostly includes parts you can get from the store.

    2.) Rotating parts, if the part can be used that way.... you can order powder coating services from the store front... and it also help to give visual feedback on how things might look. interior viewing to see how much room you have and what battery pack, sounds..etc.. can fit.

    I would say yes to all of these.

    What is your approach to a new app? What software?

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    Thanks for your answer!

    I would be very pleased to get the builder updated because I now just can go with my pic editor to try and place the stuff in the saber with ugly boxes

    === Coding The app (for coders )
    From my point of view, I would just make a simple JavaScript App to get the part's images/layers movable/rotate-able(?) on the screen... With a grid behind and some other stuff (sticky-points, part list, etc.)... Actually, exactly what is done now with Flash, but directly on a page. Not that saber design may be interesting on a mobile/tablet, but I guess JS is more easy to maintain (when one knows how).
    I thought about it at night and the only point that bothers me is about the powder coating paint as it is not easy to fill a PNG with color for now in CSS/JS.
    If I had to code the app, I would make a two-screen display: side view to show the saber and front view to show the internal space (without removing the side view 'internal' option, of course)... Maybe with a 'cut-plane' to view the internal size at a certain lenght of the saber...
    I see that parts are listed in a XML file that could remain in a future app for compatibility/easy maintenance of the part list. Images are PNG, that's a good point for html compatibility. Many layers is still possible...

    Anyway, it was just a suggestion for the night I have time I'm happy with the existing builder but the missing parts...

    Thanks for your interest I wish you have time to add some new saber parts (*Pommel 4! Pommel 4!*)!


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    Anyone knows how the Builder part images are made? By hand? From a 3D software?

    I would like to make missing parts (Pommel4, washers, trim rings...) in the same style.

    (At last, I'll remove my posts as they are useless here and do not help other readers.)


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    They are rendered out to static images from Tims 3D models of the parts..

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