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Thread: Share pictures of your sabers here.

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    Default Share pictures of your sabers here.

    This is the place to post pictures of your sabers.

    The Custom Saber Shop

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    here's my sabers, and im proud to say that i got most of the parts from the custom saber shop []

    EL blade:

    mace MRFX conversion:

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    Wow, nice Mace conversion. Is the blade removable? What did you use to mount the LED? I have a broken Mace saber too and want to make it Lux, but I have no ideea what to mount the LED on. I think Tim said he will make holders at some time, but it doesn't seem to be very soon.

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    Got the parts from CSS

    Moved at the last second with that one, supposed to be Red. Camera settings were off as well.

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    Let me try this again...I finally figured out my grip problem so now all I have to do is finish it..but here are some progress pics..
    [img=left] [/img=left]

    [img=left] [/img=left]

    [img=left] [/img=left]

    The main part is copper..the emitter and endcap are aluminium (from css), the blade is from css made by me...actually come to think of it..except for the copper almost all of it is from css..

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    Alright, here are some of my sabers.

    Except for the purple wire, all of the blades pictured are made with stuff from CSS. I've been too cheap to buy the holders and did the Lowes specials or sleaved copper pipe, but that will change for the sabers I intend to keep. I love to make them work and include sound modules, but my best enjoyment comes from designing the hilts. Cheers!

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    hey StrangeWings, what do you do to keep the copper from tarnishing? I love the look, but what I tried only stays shiny and nice like that for few hours. The grease/acids from my hands stains them.

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    finally found a way to post them, man what a pain in the butt. here they are:

    the pics arent the best. i used a crappy lil 3 in 1 camera. its all i got right now.

    this hilt was made from a 3 cell heiland synchronar. i used a vader type shroud. and i made an outer casing from pvc tube of the qui-gonn outer casing design. i also put 2 leds in it as well. i couldnt catch the red blinking one but i did catch the blue one. theyre on opposite sides from each other. the blue is a constant on while the red blinks. i used tims holder and 40 inch blue el blade kit. also using his 2 khz inverter in it for now. i plan on swapping the 4 khz out of the graflex once i get the led kit for the graflex.

    the graflex i have is a real one not a remade piece. i got the 4 khz el kit in it right now.
    it has a graflex shop core,(looks fantastic too, just like the real thing). i just used tims blue el blade in it. i dont have any pics of it yet, but i will soon. it is definately brighter using the 4 over the 2 khz driver. i eventully am going to go with a led blade kit from graflex shop in the graflex. i know, buty i dont intend to duel with it.

    its for show. i have a luke esb conversion kit on it and using the led kit from GS it will have the retract/extend feature and removeable blade and with his controller it also has the sound hookup. i plan on scavenging a hasbro anakin color change saber for the sound. i already tested it in a blank graflex bottom tube. lil tight fit to get it in there with battery and el setup, but led controller might be smaller and give me more room.

    his led controller has the spot on it for sound hookup. i simply put the sound switch wires to the controller and when i power it up or down, it turns on or off the sound at the same time.

    anyways getting back to the pics of the saber i built before my latest project.

    i call this the yin/yang saber. lol. good/evil. ya get it, vader/qui-gonn.
    i have the leds on a seperate battery setup, 2AA's and the el on a single 9 volt. it all fit nicely into the 3 cell. led holders were a pain to put in place since i had to go down far enough to clear the holder and stuff. then, fishing the darn leds into tube and into the bottoms of each holder, pushing them into each one wasnt easy at all.

    but the payoff was worth it. i have led's with a el kit. they can run together or seperately. i probably could of went with some resistoring here and there and running off 2 9 volts or whatever, but this setup worked out good. as i said, wished the pics were better quality.

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    Hey GeluKhanGharr, how did you make the activation box for your sabers? (especially for the second one down)

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    okay heres a few pics of that graflex i got with the GS core part and CSS's 4 khz inverter and using the blue EL blade from CSS as well. this is the one that will eventually get the led blade kit with sound.


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