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Thread: Crystal Focus X - HB LED Always On

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    I'm finally nearing the finish line on my first build. I wired up my RGBW LED today, but after pulling the kill key the red LED turns on immediately. I can ignite the saber but nothing happens with the blade, it just stays red. However, flash on clash and lockup seem to be working correctly (purple/white flashing). All other functions work correctly, and even going into Spectrum let's me rotate the hilt and change colors. Granted, I don't know what colors they're supposed to be, but at least it's changing. I can lock in a different color just fine, but restarting the board makes it red again.

    Any ideas? I thought I wired RGBW to channels 1 through 4 respectively, but now I'm questioning myself.

    Thanks for the help.

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    After sleeping and getting my bearings, it became blatantly obvious that I was common with my 0V somewhere. I resoldered my red channel and all is good now.


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