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Thread: Canīt get Neopixel Blade to work

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    Default Canīt get Neopixel Blade to work

    Good evening Gentlemen,

    I have a question which might not be simple to might hope though
    I recently aquired a saberforge build kit with a golden harvest v3 soundboard,
    Neopixel connector, battery etc. and a Neopixel lightsaber blade.

    Since this is my first build and I have absolutely no soldering experience the manual task was challenge enough.
    But I managed....Now the problem.

    The board seems to work fine, I can hear sound, switch lightsaber fonts and so on, but I cant ignite the blade. I do get
    a few pixels to flash for a second but thatīs it (Amperage of the battery too low?...though I think it would be weird...why sell a kit, that wont work as intended?). What is the usual method for testing if the LED Strips are working and are soldered correctly in the pre-assembled blade?

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Offhand I’d say the battery amperage was insufficient. You need a 15A battery to run a setup like that.

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    I agree with FJK that battery is definitely a good spot to start. I'm not super knowledgeable with golden harvest. I know that with plecter labs, you have to define the blade in the soundboard settings. Make sure it isn't something similar with that board

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    Thank you for your Input...this is very much appreciated.

    In the GHv3 Settings you do have a LED Strip setting where you can define the number of Pixels you are using. I played with these settings but to no effect.
    I will get an appropriat battery and try again.


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