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    So my boyfriend's birthday will be coming around is about three months or so. I'm really into sci-fi and he's more of a old westerns type of guy. So, I've decided to conjoin the two and create a cowboy-style lightsaber. I'll post update pictures when everything I've ordered arrives, but here's what I've collected so far:

    For the Hilt:

    3-Battery D Cell Maglite
    TCSS D-Cell Maglite Converter
    Gunmetal Grey Enamel Model Paint
    One 1-1/4 inch Spur Rowel
    Something to attach the spur to the end of the lightsaber
    One 6x10" veg-tanned leather
    Braided leather cord
    Light brown leather dye

    For the Electronics:

    Hasbro Soundboard
    Cree XP-E 3W Blue LED
    One 3-AAA Battery Holder
    12mm momentary switch
    TIP42 Power Transistor
    3W Resistor (1 Ohm)
    Lens Reflector w/Holder -15 Degree Transmittance Angle
    A lot of JST Connectors
    Heat shrink tube - Various sizes
    30W Soldering Iron
    Kester Lead Free Soldering Wire

    I plan on creating the saber's leather wrap to resemble John Wayne's boot pattern, which will require me to carve the leather before dyeing it. I'll then paint the Maglite Converter and the opposite end before sanding it to give it a weathered look. I want to find something to hold the spur so I can solder it to the pommel end, so the spur still spins like it does on boots. As far as the electronics go, I plan on gutting the Maglite flashlight entirely so I wind up with an empty metal tube so I can fit some electronics inside.

    If I'm missing anything at all, please say so. Also, some tips would be much appreciated as well. Thanks!
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    Any luck in the build. Wondering how it turned out for you


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