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Thread: Building an R2

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    Default Building an R2

    Our almost 17 year old son came in last night and said he wants parts and supplies to build a custom, full-sized, astromech for his birthday. Based on this Makezine article.

    Looks like we're picking up a new hobby.

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    I wish your pocketbook the best of luck. I hear they're WAY more expensive than lightsabers.
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    Good luck

    You should check out the R2 Builder's Club.

    You can download plans, talk to other builders etc. A lot like this site except all about R2 units

    It's a fun but VERY expensive hobby

    Also check out the BB-8 Builder's group.
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    My wallet has never been so glad that I live in a small Manhattan apartment.

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    Thanks guys. I created an account on the R2 Builders site. I'm starting to do my homework on the costs, and it looks like I can buy a nice Genesis saber for what a static astromech body.

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    Ahhh yeah...figure on spending around $2000 to $3000 on building a R2 unit that complex an detailed. ....good luck tho

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    Plan on spending at least three grand for a basic styrene R2 with sound and radio control. Some of the more elaborate all aluminum builds cost over $15k and a few over $20k! Way more expensive than saber building. I'm doing my research to build a styrene R2 in the coming year, good luck with yours.

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    I've started adding up the costs. $1200 or so for a styrene body, no electronics, no paint, no frills. Definitely an expensive hobby. Not sure where we will go with this.

    Still cheaper than a Sideshow collectibles life sized figure.

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    $7,500 for something that doesn't even move under its own power, and runs on AA batteries? That's insane.
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    I just checked it out online. They offer a coupon for$15. Good grief.


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