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Thread: Lite Whip

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    If one of the duellers doesn't get hurt, the kid watching that gets to close certainly will....

    Great looking, but impractical at conventions/ public places/ anywhere....
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    Being so great, the owner of these wonderful forums and attached shop has filmed how to build an MHS hilt, here's the link:
    Is he just great to you all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barmic Rin View Post
    If one of the duellers doesn't get hurt, the kid watching that gets to close certainly will....

    Great looking, but impractical at conventions/ public places/ anywhere....
    The price that has to be paid for good entertainment! ha ha ha! (Evil Cackle!)

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    Barmic youve got me started on something now

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    Personally, *I* would not only try it, but I'd have a lot of fun. Not being the one with the whip, but the one with the saber prop trying to "get in there" and smack the dude. Mask, gloves and jacket only though!

    But, even on my best day of sensing the *EXACT* perfect measure (and I mean exact) and putting my blade in the right place even 80% of the time to prevent serious hits... I'd get my *ARSE* handed to me many, many times!

    I mean, imagine a video game with the whole "one hit, and yer DEAD, sucka!" That sucks spunkballs already, sure, but... then imagine the THWACK being added... I mean, no joke! Like--fine, you "die" in the game, but it literally SHOCKS YOUR DUMB ARSE for screwing up, then adds a fun text: "NOVASTAR, YOU SUCK! Insert some more quarters, you welted piece of nut butter garbage! Or... wait... are you not MAN enough?! Oh fine. Walk away then. Go on.... .... Weasel!"

    lol... and so, there you go again. Yer a fool, and plunk down yer quarters again... yep, you survive another glorious 6 seconds...

    ...and *SHHHHHHHHHMMMMAAACK*!!! You made yet another SINGULAR mistake. That's right... ONE error. Not six... not two. ONE mistake, as in one millimeter too far to the right, too far to the left, too far forward, too far downward... whatever.

    So, anyhow. If you're like... Jesus or something (and thus, you're PERFECT), go for it. Fight against a whip-user all day, all night. But since none of us ARE perfect (except Erv, just kidding)... yer gonna get yer spleen served to you on a golden platter of death. I guarantee it. And that's with someone untrained with the whip.

    Mess with someone TRAINED with the whip, and good luck at being able to do anything but double the pain, twice the speed.

    What is it Dooku says? Ah. "Twice the pride, double the fall."
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    Default Thwaaaack!

    If it's a "one hit and you're dead" kinda thing, I'd probably have to agree with Novastar. Even if the hit wasn't that hard, it's really tough to block a flexible weapon without it touching you. Now, if we're talking a standard leather bullwhip against a katana, then it's a whole different story. A superficial hit would sting a bit, but not take you out of the fight. I play around with bull whips a little and I can tell you, I'd much rather have a sword for a real fight. I could use the whip to block and strangle better than to try to "Indiana Jones" it and wrap it around your hand or something.
    That's not to say a lite whip wouldn't be a good weapon though. Obviously, this is all speculation until they can make a REAL lightsaber and a REAL lite whip and a couple folks decide to go at it.


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    Kind of like a celebrity death match.

    In the first Darth Bane book, a character named Githany uses a lite whip and their instructor mentions to Bane that the strength of the weapon is in the opponents lack of familiarity with it. If you duel with sabers all the time and then someone stands in front of you with a whip, I would imagine that it would be pretty confusing and then painful... and then maybe real dark and cold and the lights go out.

    As Nova said, it would be fun though (aside from the 'lights out' part lol).
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    Bringing the thread back to life, but, seriously, this area gets no love anyway I just had to note that Taomoon of NYJedi made a fully functional EL Light Whip. It will even crack when snapped, and the EL has shown itself durable as sin. Leave it to a guy who works with particle accelerators... What he did was to entwine a thin EL Wire into a braided leather whip (I'm not sure what type as I've never seen it, but he practically glows when talking about it) and house the power in an extension for the grip. I'll try to get him to bring it to practice and post a vid, if there's interest. I could even demo proper use of a whip to these yanks

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    you've got to get us a link, pic, or vid. I've got to see that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by annon View Post
    you've got to get us a link, pic, or vid. I've got to see that!
    I'mma ask him to bring it Thursday if he can make it in from the boonies.

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    what if you didnt want to duel with it more for show at conventions would it work?
    if you are new these links will get you started

    tutorial on ohms law!!!
    the saber building dictionary-a dictionary with basically everything about sabers!
    thread index-this is the thread index!
    the basic saber building tutorial-tutorial for making basic hilts!
    start here if new-start right here if your brand new fresh out of the factory never before opened noob!

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    so what about braiding several strands of the wire together and then putting a thin transparent plastic sleeve over it like those christmas rope lights? you'd get a brighter intensity, still have quite a bit of flexability and some cushion and protection with the transparent sleeve.
    Is that possible?


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