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Thread: My first saber: Luke's Odyssey

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    Thumbs up My first saber: Luke's Odyssey

    I'm happy to introduce my personal approach to the Luke's ROTJ lightsaber (easy-to-handle-version):


    The powder coating, the finish, the look & feel... It's awesome. Single handed or double handed. I'm soooo pleased with it (nobody's noticed, for sure)

    Originally an empty hilt for FanFilm, I couldn't help to go further and got a green Cree single LED and the stuff to convert it to stunt occasionally. When I put the electronics I'll post some pictures with the blade.

    I went for the 3/4'' blades for rotoscoping, they are thin and light weight, I'll leave some words after the durability test. Advice: the blade tip changes a lot (for good) the aerodynamic in fast movements, 110% recommended.

    A very important thing that I've been seen missed in lots of saber builds is the weight distribution, and a thin choke to do easy spin. Be careful with those long thick sabers with a small pommel, you may have to ballast it to make it handy.

    And why Luke's Odyssey? Well, take a look at the USPS tracking and tell me if it's not an Odyssey


    A couple of pics of the iluminated blade plug and the 1" Thin walled Trans White PolyC (Green Cree XP-E2 single LED):


    And the Durability Test of the 3/4'' OD Thin Walled Polycarbonate Blade (went wrong):

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    very nice work! I have a similar saber in mind.

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    Thank you, all the merit goes for Tim and CSS, I barely lubed and assemble it

    I had a clear idea of what is needed and what was not needed, but some doubts about the length. It helped a lot printing the rendered png in paper at 1:1 scale. The proportions of the builder are 100% accurate.

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    A very clean and classic looking saber - nicely done!

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    A classic, like me

    Added pictures of the iluminated blade and the Durability Test.

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    A build done right =] I really like this one. Definitely classic
    "Your move!" -Obi-wan kenobi-

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    So what was the length you decided on?

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    I have a similar idea for a Luke blade that i want to get done soon. Id love to see some progress pics of the build if you have any. always good for new ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by setelf3of5 View Post
    So what was the length you decided on?
    If that's for me, 36''

    Quote Originally Posted by crazygamerm2 View Post
    I have a similar idea for a Luke blade that i want to get done soon. Id love to see some progress pics of the build if you have any. always good for new ideas
    This is it, no more progress right now... Do you need more pics? Just ask.

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    Wonderful job. It came out very nice indeed. I had a similar idea for a lightsaber I am building for a friend for Christmas. Glad to see it will look as good as I had hoped.


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