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Thread: AOTC Yoda will not ignite!

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    Lightbulb AOTC Yoda will not ignite!

    I just completed the wiring for my AOTC Yoda conversion: moment of truth, I flip the switch... nothing.


    my volt meter shows continuity from all the wires except for the purple wire leading to the clash sensor.

    This may sound like a silly question: but is there a positive and negative on the clash sensor that I may have wired backwards?

    I'm pretty sure that I got the wiring right, but im second guessing that clash sensor. When taking the saber apart, I took care to avoid crushing the clash while drilling out the pins.

    Any ideas would be appreciated...
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    Do you have fresh batteries in it?
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    Fixed it!

    I went with Raynovac AAAs. I used brand new Kirklands in all my other sabers, but for some reason it wouldn't get Yoda to fire up. BATTERIES!!

    I decided to remove the clash sensor, I'll get a new one someday, but for now, I needed to get Yoda off my bench.

    Among other issues with ny cram-fu, it looks like the batteries and the clash were the problem. Thanks for the suggestion FJK. I appreciate it.
    Born July7, 2013 - Sentenced to die on October14, 2013
    Rest in peace my classy friend.

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