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Thread: Iron Man themed lightsaber

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    Whoa. Im sure that Tony Stark could find a place in his armor for this one. Nice and nicely done, the arc reactor is way cool man!

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    That arc reactor is so cool. You ought to consider doing it's brother....War Machine!!! Excellent job!

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    Not bad! Love the Arc reactor. Good work.

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    love this! Looks amazing. Tony Stark must be jealous.

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    Thats really awesome my son would love to have that saber

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    That's just awesome! Excellent work!

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    Looks great! Only one complaint, and it's that I didn't hear Ozzy on the iSaber player. /me gasps

    I'm really digging the color scheme, rotating crystal chamber, and the pull-apart section.
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    That Arc reactor did it. This is a great saber. I never seen a good "Comics" saber before. This is sweet!!

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    as silverserpant already mentioned: the rotating crystal chamber and the pull-apart section are really cool and of course the ark-reactor.
    a little more angles (like at the bottom of the pull-apart section) would look really nice on the golden parts, but that's just my opinion.

    overall: a really cool saber!


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