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Lucien Kane

Here is a little about myself, and my projects on and off the table.

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A little about myself first:

Name: Lucien Kane

Age: 24

Affiliation: Jedi/Mandalorian... In all seriousness though I'm a youth pastor, and I used to be a Marine.

Favorite Star Wars era? Old Republic, there is more room for storytelling there, heroes and villains that haven't even been discovered yet.

Favorite in movie lightsaber? Luke's RotJ lightsaber followed closely by Obi Wan's TPM lightsaber. For Sith, Darth Sidious' lightsaber is just soo elegant.

Favorite EU saber? Probably the Old Republic Jedi saber... Much like the Gladius from Saber Forge.

Favorite Sound Card? The Igniter with Tru color LED driver. Fantastic soundcard at a great price.

What makes you angry? Rudeness.

What makes you happy? Spending time with my wife and son, Martial Arts, most physical activities, helping people.

If you could have one Force power what would it be? Telekinesis, you can do most other abilities with Telekinesis, or you can at least fake them.

What describes you in one word? Obdurate

I could keep this questionnaire going but I doubt anyone is going to read much more of my crap.

I have the great fortune of having a wonderful sabersmith living close to me. I am an avid duelist, as in I frequently duel with my sabers, I'm also probably the most destructive force of nature on this planet. Seriously, if there is a material that you call indestructible, I can break it in a week, this is one of those things I don't exaggerate about, it's actually kind of a pain because I don't break things on purpose.

Anyways, I met this gentleman a few months ago just randomly and found out he lives in Vista, California. I live in Oceanside, and we're literally about 5 minutes away from each other. He was looking for a sparring partner, and I've been wanting to learn how to build lightsabers for a while now... or at least learn how to repair them since I break lightsabers so often. So we started meeting up and exchanging knowledge, I was teaching him the art of lightsaber combat, and he started teaching me the basics of how to do a simple stunt saber. We primarily work with PVC, but we really delve into everything that there is out there.

I've helped out with a few builds my friend has pioneered, and I finally did my first scratch build right before I went to Texas. I did this saber in a hurry since I slacked off on it until right before I was going to Texas to see my family. I wanted to have the saber done so I ended up doing the wire up and install in one night. There were a lot of compromises made, and while I will pit this saber in combat against any other blade, I will be doing some revisions to her to make her really tight. Without further adieu here she is.

Now, I like a lightsaber that is not only aesthetically pleasing (which is totally subjective) but I also hold to a level of functionality in that my sabers see a lot of action. So I felt this saber captured a great amount of balance and comfort for a really good dueling saber made from PVC

She's running a Cyan Lux V on two AA's connected to a guarded switch, the LED is set up on a quick disconnect so I'll actually be able to swap LED's if I want to. Really down dirty and simple saber, I'm really happy with this being my first build. I have a lot to build upon and many mistakes learned from, but overall when I clicked the switch she turned on so I can't complain too much about this one.

As far as what is next for me? I have a Parks QV on the table right now, she will be a special build, as that is the saber that went with me to Iraq. I have another parks custom saber with a solid 3/4'' ID that will probably be my cram fu build of the century... and then I'm doing an MHS based igniter build this summer that is basically my holy grail build. That's about it from me, I'm a really nice guy given my few buttons that I have. One of which being rudeness. I love honesty though, there's just ways to be tactful about it.

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