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Thread: Building a Count Duku lightsaber???

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    Default Building a Count Duku lightsaber???

    Hey I was just wandering if any one could help me figure out how to
    build a count duku lightsaber. does any one know how the end of the hilt bends, and any pics would be great. thanks in advanced.


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    you should be able to get some good pics just by googling for dooku saber. also try the for blueprints.

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    I made this a while ago from stuff from lowes

    its about .45 scale but room i think for an el blade

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    There is also another site I saw online, Kin-Char Bamin's I believe. He's the "True Life Mtv Jedi" guy. <u><font color="blue"></font id="blue"></u>
    It's a great site for reference and info, there he shows a way to make a Count Dooku lightsaber with the bend and all. That should help. All the parts here from TCSS should be able to go in with no difficulty since his is a 1.5" sink tube for Dooku's lightsaber as well.[]

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    I found some great pics of the Dooku sabre at MR, they have multiple angles of it as well

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    here is a url to my post on how to replicate one.

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