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Thread: Slight problem with my pommel

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    Default Slight problem with my pommel

    Quick question folks. Got my parts today (I'll post pics soon) but after i assembled everything, i noticed the threads between the pommel and main body are a little tight, and now I can't get them separated by hand. They're both powder coated so I don't want to take a clamp to them for risk of scratching it.

    What can I do to separate these parts? Any Ideas?
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    Strap wrench?

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    put some rags and shims around them and yes a strap wrench is a good fix.

    If the threads are still tight after you get them appart, run a 60 degree triangle jewlers file around the male threads until it fits nice. There may be a bur in there binding things up.

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    Put the parts is the freezer, when the parts are very cold run hot water on the part with the female threads on it. This should allow you to loosen them up. I use some of those rubber oven mitt thingies to hold them and twist.

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    Here is a good thread that may help you...

    Dealing with stuck or difficult MHS threads

    Good luck
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    Rhyen's idea is a good one. Plus use some penetrating oil like WD40.

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    ...and keep your cool about it. I lost an Obi TPM pommel this way

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    I got so mad I started banging on it with a hammer. Nah, nothing salvagable after that. That's why I said to keep cool. That's the best advice I can offer.

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    oh man.. such beautiful work...gone! =( lol



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