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Thread: anakin clash sensor destroyed help

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    Default anakin clash sensor destroyed help

    I am converting my very old MR Anakin3 to a lux III and I just dissambled it very carefully... until I broke the clash sensor while trying to get it out of the blade.

    I'll explain. The old version I have is the one that used a quick disconnect multi pronged plug and the clash sensor was placed up into the blade. The pin holding it together is pressed through one side only so you/I couldn't hammer it through alittle and pull it out. I tryed to very carefully pull the end off but the thing was not ment to be taken apart.

    There was all the wires attach to a small round pcd board along with the clash sensor which was attached to the end of the plug... very compact and completely glued with about an ounce of hotglue which is why the sensor pulled off in this whole process.

    Two questions.

    1. Can I get a new clash sensor someplace or off a cheap saber that's compatable, I do NOT want to rewire a new board in just fix the clash sensor.

    2. Is the pcb used for something? I see in the tuts that the board is always attached to the sensor. Does the sensor need to be attached to the board for some reason?

    The sensor is trashed, one end was hot glued to one end of the blade and another to the other end when I pulled it apart the thing ripped off the pcb board and the end of it came apart... dead.

    Any suggestions or help would be great so far I've read similar posts that suggest pulling a new board, or buying 1000 sensors lol. those are outta my buget.

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    I will be listing some sensors for sale soon.
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    Your the best!

    What about the pcb board and all the jazz? Can just wire it up and mount it? Or do I need to extract the pcb board it was attached to from all those wires and hot glue the used at the factory?

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    No need for a PCB, you can wire the sensors in line without it. Just use heatshrink for strain relief as the wires on the clash sensor are VERY VERY thin and fragile.

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    You can actually solder the clash sensor directly to the main board as well.

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    I have only used three FX boards, but I usually carefully desolder the clash sensor from the PCB and solder the wires directly to it. Here's how I did it.

    You can then use a dab of hot glue to stick this anywhere in your hilt. I find that it is more effective to glue it directly to the inside of the hilt, closer to the blade holder. Be careful. The one wire on the sensor is really tiny.

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    [QUOTE=Obi-Dar Ke-Gnomie;151529]I have only used three FX boards, but I usually carefully desolder the clash sensor from the PCB and solder the wires directly to it. Here's how I did it.QUOTE]

    That is a very good idea, gives you many options for placement. Wish I'd thought about this, I've resoldered the MR sensor wires back to those little boards twice now. This is sooooo much easier.
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    great pics thanks alot guys can't wait till Tim stocks them!

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