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Thread: Need help with wiring list/diagram

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    Default Need help with wiring list/diagram

    Hey gang. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    In any event, I want to see if I have a firm grasp on the wiring diagram needed to build a saber with a LuxV and an Ultrasound 2.5.

    The parts list I came up with was:

    Luxeon V (whatever color), plus lens/holder
    2 'AA' battery holder
    MHS Speaker Mount V3
    Premium Speaker
    Ultrasound 2.5
    Momentary Switch (guarded or standard, depending on MHS choice)
    TrustFire AA 3.7V Li-Ion batteries plus charger

    Alternatively, I was thinking of a long, 6 'AA' holder (I was going to build a long-hilted saber anyway, but thats neither here nor there) instead of the rechargeables.

    Is this how it's wired properly? (see attachment diagram)

    I'm not concerned about an actual hilt yet, just wanting to make sure I have the wiring down first.

    Thanks for any help!

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    From what I've gathered in my reading, that looks about right... All the different components wire directly into the soundboard.

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    Yeah, you look to have the right of it, Here is how i wired mine:

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    Thanks. I was fairly sure I had the right of it, but its always nice to have confirmation.

    I'm not gonna lie...this site is hard to find info on, particularly tech documents, diagrams, etc. I have a degree in electronics and worked as an electronics technician for 5+ years...but I'm used to working from actual schematics, tech manuals, etc. I guess I'm used to being spoonfed.

    And I just didn't want to ruin a $100+ board.

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    Yup, you have it right.

    Got a question? Start Here. Have you tried the Thread Index yet? Most questions can be answered there.


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