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Thread: my son's and my costume

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    Default my son's and my costume

    Ok, talked my son into switching over from the dark side for this holloween. He is now a padawan. Mother-in-law did a great job on his costume. Had her redo my tunic and make it a little longer this year. Not too sure about the pleather tabards. It looks too shiny with the flash, but after seeing my son's cloth tabbards, I might go back that route.

    We also went to the Jedi Academy at Disneyland yesterday and the cast loved my son's outfit. One of the trainers kept coming up to him during the show to talk to him about his costume and then when it was time to take on Vader, he moved him in line so he would be the one force pushing the Stormies. My son totally loved it.

    If I may, if anyone knows how to rotoscope, could you please send me a PM as I would love to get his lightsaber roto'd in 3 pics. I would much appreciate it as I wanted to print up a nice picture of my son in costume and give it to my Mother-in-law in a frame. To show off her favorite grandson and her great work.

    he has his own modifies Ultra Slim Initiate, but had to use the hasbro saber for the academy

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    Cute pics, but dude, get a better online photo album service that doesn't do "adult" website pop ups!
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    are you series?!?!?! I am so sorry, I just did a search for free image hosting and click on that link. I will redo those link.

    My apologies...

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    Imageshack and Photobucket are the two ones I use. No adult site popups there that I've ever seen.

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    Default Rotoscoping

    Here's the link I used. It's for Premiere, but the steps are essentially the same in Photoshop/Elements/GIMP.

    You basically draw a white line over the blade of the saber as a new layer. Then duplicate the layer several times, changing the color of the line and using varying degrees of Gaussian blur. Then, by arranging the layers, you get the classic white-core, colored edge effect.

    Here's an example.

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    nice pics dude. i was there at that jedi acadamy about 2 weeks ago its really fun. how come you couldnt use the initiate? thats wierd.... you guys look great in costume. i was going to take my costume to disney land but since its 4 layers of un breathable black i decided against it. i DID however regret that i didnt bring at least 1 of my sabers. i should have....

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    you know Disney, everything to the letter, can't change a thing or else they open the door to a lawsuit. But that was ok, he had a blast anyway. The initiate blade has to stay on the whole time while the hasbro blade extends and retracts. Gave him that extra element of fun to "activate" his saber.

    Thanks for the compliment also. I am really jealous of my son's outfit as it really looked good and him and he had a look that goes well with it. Mine, well, I am happy with it, but something just doesn't seem right. Not sure if it is the tabbards, the pants are too dark, I just don't look good as a jedi or what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duncan29793 View Post
    Mine, well, I am happy with it, but something just doesn't seem right. Not sure if it is the tabbards, the pants are too dark, I just don't look good as a jedi or what.
    I don't know man, I like it. I do see what you're saying about the tabbards though. Maybe you could go with fabric instead of leather. I like the darker pants myself. Maybe try the same color tabbards? I want to make a custom jedi costume myself someday. Good luck with it.

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    This is version 1.5 for me. The main change made from my first one was to redo the tabbards and tunic to make them a little longer and add more of a bell to the sleeves. I am planning on starting from scratch on 2.0 and will change the tabbards to cloth and less baggy pants. I am also starting to look into making a leather belt and and will be on the lookout for boots. The belt was pleather and the boots vinyl. They did the job well enough, but I am toying with the idea of applying for Rebel Legion at some point.

    I got lucky in that my mother-in-law is a seemstress so it makes it much easier to put together


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