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Thread: What would you like on BT / CF V5

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    Protools is as user friendly as a spiked suppository wrapped in sandpaper.

    If you're new, please take the time we all consider just as precious as you and READ!


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    What about different sensitivity values for the swings? There could be 3 or 4 different values and one could designate any one of the values to any of the 8 swings.

    The result I have in mind, would be to get the lighter sounding swings on simple gestures, the medium swings on an average gesture, and the more intense or even double swings could only be activated when spinning the saber or extremely intense swings.

    It would take more time for the end user to get it configured just right (don't want the spinning double swing sounds on the most simple gesture), but the end result would be that much more of a lifelike experience.

    Could that be done?

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    That's already there. Killphil.

    rand [0-2]: set the selection mode for reading the clash and swing sounds. With value 0, random play is active : when a clash or swing occurs, the sound is randomly chosen in the 8 available slots. With value 1, the sound is played in sequence (slot 1, then 2 etc.). If the user requires a single sound, simply duplicate 8 times the same sound in the 8 slots. In this very case, the random flag will have no effect. Weve added another mode of sound selection activated by the gesture itself. With the random mode set to 2, the hardness of a clash or a swing is measured and scaled from 1 to 8. Ordering your sounds from 1 to 8 as well, from soft to hard, and the measured gesture hardness will pick the corresponding sound ! With the random mode set to 3 we get a random mode that ensures no triggering the same sound twice in a sequence (in 99% of cases). Finally, with mode 4, its the time elapsed between 2 consecutive movements that will decide which sound is played (see parameters gtsl et gtsh for more details on this mode)

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    OK, I had absolutely no idea.

    So to get it straight: I need to name all my swing sounds (1 being the lowest gesture, 8 being the highest gesture). It will play the sounds corresponding to the force I utilize in a single gesture?

    I'll have to give it a try (assuming this feature is available for CF's 4.0 and 4.1).

    I respectfully withdraw my suggestion in that case.

    Thanx for the heads up, Gravy.

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    Some general guidelines BEFORE posting to this thread with an idea/concept (sorry it HAS to be done, or this thread will turn into a... "brown, smelly substance"... while the last batch of v4.3 is still fresh outta the oven):

    * Have a point.
    * Keep the thread on-topic to the best of your ability.
    * Have at least SOME experience, usage, or knowledge about CF
    * You have to have read through Erv's .PDF AT LEAST ONCE. No exceptions. Twice or more is recommended. Not kidding. Do you know how many times I've read every bit of ALL of them? If I can do it, you MUST too. You're not immune to reading.
    * You already know that your suggestion... A) has not been implemented in some form... B) has not been continuously told "no, never" to...
    * You didn't just come up with the idea 30 seconds ago. If you did.. chances are that it's quite obvious you haven't thought it through.
    * You have some critical thinking involved that makes you think "Hmm... I'm PRETTY sure this wouldn't require re-engineering CF from the ground up, and/or make Erv do tons and tons of extra work for a feature that is barely noticeable."

    Now I am as guilty as some others for suggesting somewhat "implausible" ideas... but my concepts generally obey the above concerns. Again, for the example, you don't see me asking for 25v input capabilities... but I speak of possibilities for motors or whatever.

    On that note, again--Harry & Malaki, that latest idea was friggin' AWESOME! And no, Erv, I don't mind if we then have 3 possible poweron sounds and 3 possible poweroffs...

    Worst comes to worse... people can simply copy a poweron/off sound x3 if they don't have extras... mix new ones themselves... or someday we'll have a "compendium to the compendium" CD??!?! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by killphil View Post
    OK, I had absolutely no idea.
    So to get it straight: I need to name all my swing sounds (1 being the lowest gesture, 8 being the highest gesture). It will play the sounds corresponding to the force I utilize in a single gesture?
    Thanx for the heads up, Gravy.

    indeed, that was implemented that way. Not sure when but it's there since V2. something I think.
    You now have FIVE random modes (typo mistake in the manual,

    #define RANDOM_SOUNDS 0
    #define LINEAR_SOUNDS 1
    #define RANDOMX_SOUNDS 3
    #define TIMED_SOUNDS 4

    ** random is simple random, with possible repeat

    ** linear is file1 to file 8 in sequence, then loop (great for certain choreographies)

    ** expressive use the gesture dynamic range defined by for instance high swing and lowswing param in the SD card and split it into 8 "zone". Depending on the "force" of the gesture, the swingxx file is selected accordingly to the found swing "zone".

    ** random X is random seq with no repeat inside a set of 8 triggered sound
    (you might get in rare cases things like 4 7 3 2 5 1 8 6 / 6 4 1 2 7 8 5 3)

    ** TIMED (it's there since V4 I think) : the consecutive time between 2 identical events (2 swings, 2 clashes) is analysed on a time scale defined by params gtsl and gtsh. This time "window" is split in 8 zones again, and you have to order you sounds from the shortest to the longest (feature partially proprose by eandori). It doesn't solve "I trigger a double swing when I do a simple one", the double swing being IN THE SOUNDFILE itself. However, you can number this file as 8 so that you're sure to trigger it only when you have an important delay between 2 swings, so that it's more natural.
    The board is smart but I cannot predict what next move you'll do LOL

    Now it's indeed in the PDF (no prob phil). This document isn't perfect, some pics aren't up to date, some illustrations are slightly different than how it looks in real but the param description and loads of detail are there.
    Thanks nova for the heads up / warning etc
    Props Electronics

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    probably a sound fx config file and a specific led config file, we'll see
    hmm.. I kinda like this approach for some reason..

    I think its my past experince as a designer/developer..

    separating visual vs. code.... or more appropriately.. code from content..

    keeping the config files separate may help on focusin on the issues at hand.. or stopping the 'poopy finger' form being in the wrong file/variables..

    this is 'sorta' a similar approach I took on a particular RFX version... (I can send it to you later if you like Erv)

    core vars
    visual vars
    technical vars

    a main file, and two supporting files audio & visual

    soud settings and led settings..

    probably getting to be overkill with all that.. but I liked your comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erv View Post
    It's not going to be a smooth roadmap if people don't read what I post.
    Sorry, my bad.

    I am already saving up for this. (yeah, I'm going to need that long...)
    Got a Question? There's a thread for that...
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    <sigh>... First off, I would like to be able to BUY one before I make any suggestions or comment...

    So I guess what I'm sayin' is I'd like to see more made in the next batch... but then again, wouldn't we all??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJMoonbass View Post
    oh i can do it, did i say it would be easy? NO i did not. but i work in the midi lab and recording studio at my college all the time, pretty much everyday. protools is one of multiple programs i like to work with, protools is my personal favorite because it is user friendly. will i fail the first time? absolutley... will i give up? no i wont. why? because i know i can make it. i dont deny that i have a ton of things to learn about audio. yes i have a TON. my knowledge is noob compared to nova. But i have people that can help me with the proper settings to make it work. you dont need to doubt my skill when you dont even know what skills i do and dont have. and to put it in text i will probably never be as good as nova but all the same i do look up to him as an inspirational person in the audio world, im not mad or anything i just want to make things clear. and i never said it was a font. just an activation sound. fonts are, im sure, more complicated.

    that was long

    as for the CF v5. im not making any suggestions because i know nothing of the CF but i have to say that h@rrys idea was brilliant. way to go. and erv this board is going to be awesome. once again you amaze me.

    Having worked for about 6 years as an audio engineer/producer I can tell you that protools is probably THE hardest audio program out there...especially if you are new to audio recording/mixing!
    Have a look at cubase to start with (which is quite good and more user friendly)then if you decide to do so you can move to some more complicated software.
    And on another will never ever need the capabilities of such a software in order to make a saber sound font because good as it may be, in the end you will have to downsample your audio files ( in plain words you'll loose most of the "sound quality")
    Hope my post helps



    PS:sorry for hijacking Erv...will try and post some new ideas on my following posts.


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