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Thread: What would you like on BT / CF V5

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    Can I get a QuadCore processor, a 21" flat screen monitor, a wireless keyboard/mouse setup and a 500GB HD on my CF? I want to use my saber to draw 3D renders.

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    Strange thought, but hear me out:

    Can the CF differentiate the length of time the switch is pushed? Instead of registering it as a binary value of either on or off, is there a way the CF can determine the time the switch is depressed?

    I ask, because if the capability for additional startup sounds in a soundbank exists, then wouldn't it be cool to be able to select the different start-ups based on the length of time the switch is depressed? A very brief press could be an almost instant activation like on the "Assassin" font, and a long press could be like the ignition Vader did in his duel with Luke on Bespin.

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    I am sorry if the BT idea not plausible and/or have been asked before.
    Unfortunately i do not know what comes to play to add such functions,
    that is why i asked.

    My apologies for the inconvenience.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonitus View Post
    Can the CF differentiate the length of time the switch is pushed?
    The answer is unequivocally yes (IF the button is a momentary), as... we have tap = "blaster", hold down = "lockup". Lockup can actually be initiated a bit quicker too, by altering the parameter in the current config file (v2-v4).

    In fact, a "double-click" COULD offer something else.

    Granted, NONE of that could work for a latching power on switch (at least, I don't think).

    Still, it sounds like a neat idea on determining whether the user 'wants' a quick power on sound--or a longer one... so... like CF could have thresholds for length of power on, and maybe it's like:

    poweron1=0.0001 (or whatever) to 0.125
    poweron2=0.125 (or whatever) to xxxxx
    poweron3=xxxxx to yyyyy
    " " 4 = etc.

    Now... I also think Erv may also be utilizing a different idea on that thus far (I think it was Anatim's idea??) regarding the angle at which the saber is oriented when the power button is depressed. Further... we've been discussing MOTION being tied in, heheh. As in... you know... you "snap" your wrist/saber out plus touch/slide the power button... bam! Quick on.
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    I do use time measurements a lot in CF, like to differentiate lockup or blasters.
    The problem for selecting many sounds from a simple duration is a HCI question : if you have no feedback for what you're doing, and unless you're extremely good for counting time in your head, you'll end selecting the wrong sound.
    Reason why the angular selection of the poweron sound is a great idea, since we have a much better reference on that (except musicians who would be able to count time better than I do).

    I appologize, I've been away from those forums and from the CF threads in particular.
    Also, I have decided to sort of have the CF topics "bow off" from TCSS forums now Strydur is getting a sound board. I understand that I have been allowed to talk about CF here for a quite a while, and I want to thank TCSS for that. Please understand *I* don't move away, and it's not in a negative way or mood,
    I think it's important to leave some fresh air for the expected new board, and also because I don't have much time for forums. I closed my own forums for a while now (reason was it was only in french) and it was time to get things centralized in a single place, otherwise, I can't answer all the questions.

    I'll be happy to keep talking here about sound boards in general, or even CF issues if that contributes to the overall knowledge base TCSS forums is, however, if you have specific questions or feature request, I'll prefer to see it asked here :

    that's not about "competition", it's just a convient way for me to be more efficient and to be in the respect & ethic I've been following from the beginning.
    If something is requiring my attention in here, you can PM or email me, as usual, I try to answer daily.

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