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Thread: A few bumps but over all a good time. My first Saber.

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    looking for a diet DP


    I'm a few days late to the party, but very nice saber.

    Great way to get started.

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    I would like to say the saber is nice, very clean... but what i think sets you apart is the fact that you ended up having a relativly small issue and managed to resolve it on your own.. "welcome my friend.. you are now.... a jedi"

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    Thanks I appreciate that! I now have two sabers under my belt (havent put the second one up yet) and probably getting ready to start on a third! Very addictive!

    Now if only I had a job to pay for this expensive hobby!!!!! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Dottore Matto View Post
    Excellent! You found, you read, you built, you posted...perfect synthesis!
    If only a few others would of done that as well things might be a bit different wouldent you say?
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    Sweetness! Nice first saber!

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