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Thread: Wiring 2 LuxIII to 1 buck puck

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    Default Wiring 2 LuxIII to 1 buck puck

    How is everyone doing? I'm new to this wonderful hobby. I have been reading the forums now for the past 2 weeks and just registered to the forum yesturday. I know what kind of saber I want to build. I'm going to build a pvc saber to get my feet wet, ok damp. I know the 1000ma buck puck will power more than 1 Lux III. I want to run 2 white Lux III's off of 1 puck. I know it will take 8 volts. My question is has anyone out there done that, & what would be the proper power supply? I'm not running sound or anything, just going basic. Do I go w/ 8 AAA's to get 12 volts, or would that be over kill? I believe 2 Trustfire batt @ 3.7volts would come to 7.4 volts that is just shy of 8 volts. Would that under power my saber? My background in a nut shell. I have built and modified numerous Tamiya R/C Cars. I've replace the passive pick ups & electronics in my Bass guitars and replaced them w/ active pick ups & electronis. I bought parts & assembled 3 tattoo machines. I know this is long and I apologize. I don't want you guys to think I'm clueless. I do have a clue, just not all of them. So any suggestions & advice would be greatly appreciated, & thank you all in advance. I promise I won't post a book next time. Again, thank you.

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    Well, here's the datsheet for it...there are some wiring diagrams in there that should give you an idea of how to wire it up:
    The two led's should be wired in parallel, and I think the battery solution you want to use with the Li-Ions will work. I'd use the Seoul P4' whites rather than the Luxeon III's though...they are much brighter.
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    Thank you very much Jay for the help. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to under power the LED's. I also didn't want to buy a bunch of unecessary batteries. Again thank you. When my saber is finished I will post pics.


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