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Thread: Luxeon and Seoul P4 Colors by Bin code

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    I agree Nova, It is frusterating to not be able to buy LED's by BIN #.

    It would be really neat (and awhole lot more work) if Tim could sells his LED's by bin...
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    I had to buy 120 of them to get BIN 1 Cyan Lux III's back in 2005. All the cyans I was ordering kept being higher bins, thus being more green than I was looking for. In all it was worth it because I got the color I wanted, but I'll tell you, it was NOT cheap! Ask Corbin, he supplied most of the BIN 1 Cyan's at the time to people, and he purchased and traded for parts with me. So if you got a Cyan around that time from Corbin, it was from my original batch! One cool thing about it too was seeing all those LED's in their trays and attached to one another!

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    If I were ordering an LED, would there be any point in asking TCSS which bins they had in stock, and if they had the one I wanted, requesting it when I placed my order?

    For example, the aforementioned GGB saber. Bin2 would do it up nicely, but the other two would be just too red.

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    In order to be fair to Tim (owner of TCSS for those who are really new)... and to honor my own memory on this very subject... as to the whole "I'd like to select the specific bin on the LED" = See this option, you will not!

    I would recommend that NO one request this of Tim, as... it's been brought up many times before, and it's not practical for him to do this.

    Besides... the other options are very practical:

    * Get with some other people you know regarding sabers... like say 8 to 10 of them, and get an e-mail thing going. Figure out who would pay for how many, and figure out the minimum that the LED company would sell. You could pitch *THAT* to Tim, and see what he'd say... or go it on your own (the 8-10 of you)

    * Use an RGB solution to "dial in" the exact color you want... maybe get more out of the experience overall too! And for WAY less trouble...

    * Think about where LEDs "will be going" one year from now. Two years. Four years. Do you REALLY want to be stuck with 100s of Lux IIIs or whatever? 10 LEDs is one thing. 100 is another. 1000 is just crazy.

    * Keep buying LEDs... but wait many many months in between purchases (instead of buying--for example--5 Lux cyans at once). You never know when you'll come across "the one" you like the most for a special saber, or whatever.

    Hope it helps. I do realize that sometimes... that special bin/shade of color... WOULD be nice to get. But oh well.

    I've personally been VERY lucky with my greens so far. No idea how.
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    Unfortunately it's not practical for me to order a whole slew of LEDs that never get used, hoping that one of them will be the right colour. I don't know anyone else who builds these things in my area, who I can swap with. And with minimum shipping fees from this site being about 20 bucks to my location (no, I am NOT kidding about that), it's a real disincentive to make small orders, just ordering a few LEDs and heatsinks at a time. Add to that the fact that LEDs are expensive, there's other things I would rather use the money on than playing LED BIN roulette.

    About the RGB LED's, I don't know where to buy them, and have no sweet clue how to wire them. So I guess that Golden Gate saber's staying in my head, then. I don't think I've seen these beasts offered for sale here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novastar View Post
    Pretty awesome information... and... not to be Devil's Advocate...


    ...until anyone can order specific bins WITHOUT having to buy the whole gald-darn ROLL of LEDs (say 100, 500, 1000 at a time)... it's kind of still a bummer.

    Although I'm looking fwd to the day SOME company offers that! And hopefully, it's with an LED that is desirable.
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