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Thread: Please, no more store stock questions

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    Default Please, no more store stock questions

    Tim asked me to make this thread to keep everything more orderly. The old topic has been locked.

    For this thread I'm asking for a few little things.
    1) ONLY questions, no comments. I'll delete them.
    2) Check this first post before you ask for a stock update, as I will keep it updated.

    Once I have added your question to this first post, I will delete your post. Tim will pop in here every so often to answer the questions.

    Guys, remember to check the store before you post a question!


    Graflex Clamps - Wish I knew..any day now supposedly
    graflex led blade holder - No ETA
    MPS Pommel style 2 - 0 to 2 weeks
    MHS Speaker/sound/battery combo - Whenever sound boards are in stock..No ETA

    Ribbed Extensions (added 7/7) - 1-3 weeks
    Ribbed extensions V-grooved (added 7/7) - 1-3 weeks
    Keychain style 1 (added7/25)- Going to be redone eta
    Buckpuck 1000mA 4 wire (added 7/25)- no eta..use 6 wire
    Choke style 1 (added 7/25)- 1-3 weeks
    Vader Conversion kit (added 7/25)- 1-3 weeks
    MHS Speaker and battery combo (added 7/25)- 1-3 weeks
    2.1mm plug adapter for smart charger (added7/27) - No ETA
    7" fluted hilt with guarded switch hole (added 7/27)- 1-3 weeks
    MPS Style 7 (7/31)- 1-3 weeks
    Blade holder style 10 (added 7/31)- 1-3 weeks
    Hilt style 1 with standard switch hole (added 8/4)
    8-32 drill and tap set (added 8/4)
    tap handle (added 8/4)
    Main body style 4 (added 8/5)
    Blue K2 (added 8/5)
    Blade holder style 17 (added 8/6)
    JST Connectors (added 8/6)
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    I am sorry guys but this is just too much of a pain to keep up with. I have to deal with many suppliers and my crystal ball does not work as well as it should.

    If a part is out of stock but still listed in the store then we are planning on restocking it. The part obviously sold and so it would be to my benefit to restock it as soon as possible so I can sell more of them.

    So in short the answer to "when is ***** going to be in stock" is, as soon as possible.

    We are working to make it so we do not run out as fast but it will take a bit to get caught up enough to do so. Please bear with us...
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    I'm bumping this thread as a reminder to everyone with "When is x coming back in stock?" questions.

    If I see new threads about this, they may be deleted without notice.
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